As I settling in, another empowered peep moves in with her pup. Awesome!

Hey guys! Its been busy here!  Fighting the cold and trying to get sorted out in my tiny.  My thought would be small spaces easier…NOT SO MUCH.  Read on.

Being enrolled in a online school, the  internet is a MUST.  With the internet up and down, I have been set me back 2 weeks and my vision is to set to catch up by Sunday! Blog, pay bills, study, pass my big test #2.  I finally shopped today (big one) for healthy food.  Isn’t this tiny life suppose to be simpler?

As I am frustrated but learning and dreaming of my future, a sweet women moved in next to me on her own journey.  She was a newbie too!

I love to make raw and slightly cooked food creations, so now I think I found a new peeps to test out my creations and give me feed back.  My hopes are to have a recipe section and to share to help others eat health amazing meals.

I have to say we are happy to have the company.  Its a bit lonely going thru this major transition and all the stress of learning new skills CONSTANTLY.  I welcome the company.  I hope she will to with us!


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  1. Thank you so much Jessica for the follows ♡` feel free to share. Coming soon. Recipes, videos and more…♡♡♡

  2. I love your blogs!! Yes I did get an email that allowed me to see you have blogged!!! Hugs

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