Short and brief tonight. I am hitting the fence big time!

Today has been another super busy day.  I Started with ball stuck on hitch again.  With the help from my RV mentor and fireman (awe the visuals)  I know why.  More on that one later. Next on  with infusion and over heating in hospital (I  feel best under 60 degrees ) .  I came home and met more of my hero’s of that day!  Some neighbors struggled and unbolted the railing, but they my bed up to the loft.  I will write more about that one tomorrow. I AM SO TIRED!   A HUGE challenge and now I know why most people do futons.  It fits great and feels amazing, but I am now in apartment (on floor now) with pups until Sunday. NOT A GREAT IDEA!   I am to tired to figure out the air mattress that my RV mentor  lent me.  Thermo rest are easy with pups. They will have to do.
More later.  I need my recharge to hit.  Tomorrow topper installed on Mazie.  I did get some good garlic, kale and eggs in me for protein. YAY!  I need protein with this marathon of moving and trying to keep up with school.  No more pushing..I  am done, I  got tonight.  Wind has officially kicked my butt! One thing with ms…when done your

done no pushing thru…tomarrows a new sunrise and new day♡♡♡

I am so grateful for my friends, old and new that are helping me, and for my pups to make me feel better when I am done!♡♡♡

Gnight all!

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