Gratitude, strength and MORE purging for Tootling Tranquility

Busy day today, march 12th,  move out day is approaching quickly.  One of the hardest parts of this process has been purging. It is challenging if you have materialistic attachment which I don’t, but actually finding good homes for your stuff (but not having to give it away) can be challenging. My goal was sell and replace with tiny needs. Everything helps for sure as needs will arise for your tiny.

I moved to my current stepping stone  9 months ago.  Wow, did the time fly! I had big plans of snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking and discovering.  While I did  take advantage of anytime I could do so, my suggestion is plan ahead and purge as soon as you can.  It’s a process for sure.  A exhausting process.  I don’t want to advertise any more.  I want it all gone! A process but also a amazing feeling of freeing yourself and empowering to be lighter.  Not being weighed down by stuff.

The gratitude  for today is for 2 wonderful friends that helped me decorate and move some items into  Tootling Tranquility, while sharing my vision for the future.  My one friend friend who also has ms was kicking butt right along side of me and the others! Lynette or I not accepting we cant…we did it!!!

We moved my heavy treadmill out of my apartment, into Mazie (my 1 ton) and delivered the treadmill down to her basement.

#fums with determination and  girl power, we did it!!!  Strength is not only physical but strength comes with determination and willingness not to give up♡♡

That makes me very proud of us!

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