Wahoo….I got hitched ♡♡♡

I did it. With support from my neighbor, I cranked all 10 k pounds of Tootling Tranquility Tiny House up, backed up Mazie, my 1 ton,  using the back up camera and lining her up…touch down!!!  Hitch landed on the ball and she is hitched!  Did I mention?  I haven’t done this either.  Learning new skills!    I hooked up the sway bars, chains and safety.  I moved her 5 feet and now I can UN-hitch repeat again in am.  Where I am parked these are the rules.  You can park on the street but your trailer has to be moved each day.  Legally I  have to move her ever 24 hours so I don’t look like she has been abandoned.  I look  at that ( not a pain) just exercise♡♡♡ and experience!  I need to learn.


I am so grateful for everyone that has stopped by and said hi . I have met the most  amazing, supportive, curious peeps♡ and this is just the beginning!









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  1. Hope all goes perfectly for you Kat. Your exhuberence for life is a joy.

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