I got this … just a bump in the road and strategies

ms-warriorThis is my MS Warrior. He was found in the back yard the day after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I figured it was a sign. I didn’t have kids and had no idea how he would be in my fenced yard but there he was,  A sign.

Yesterday was a huge day for me, up at 5 am and on the road at 6 am to Colorado Springs with my furry companions in Mazie our Dodge Ram 1 ton truck,  to go pick up Tootling Tranquility Tiny House or #tootstinyhouse .  The drive was calming with only the sun in my eyes that was a bit annoying, but I do love to drive and sight see.  We arrived at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and there she was with the front windows boarded up ready to travel.  After a orientation of my house by Sophia  and a great and very detailed driving lesson by Steve  (I had never hauled before), and with some hugs and goodbyes to all my peeps with Tumbleweed, we headed out after a quick pee break for the furies around noon. I felt a bit sad as I was leaving my Tumbleweed family, but wait till I share my adventures!

The wind had started to pick up already and I was concerned about the cross winds.  The drive was long and mostly uneventful, but I DO NOT LIKE CROSS WINDS.  I took E470 which was more money but for my first trip I wanted it to be as easy as possible.  That was a good call.  Less traffic but the cross winds.  I felt like I was hydro plaining.  I kept insisting to myself that I would get use to this.  I will, I know but its unsettling.  Smaller roads and turning not so bad but I do not like the gust.  Steve taught me the right turns are the hardest.  Go wide which I did, and it was great!  I know was trying to figure out how I could drive to Alaska via back roads .

We arrive back at the apartment which we will be staying at for only 2 more weeks.  I was exhausted as were the pups (who slept the whole way).  We went out for a nice walk after eating, to chill OUT.  OVERSTIMULATION and STRESS are not good for anyone but having MS, my brain gets really tired my vision goes down hill.  I felt like my head would just not settle down and I was very hyper at this point. Overstimulated and stressed.    I received a ton of Facebook messages, text and phone calls with everyone wishing me Congratulations.  This was a HUGE day!  All went well and my friend came down to wish me congratulations with a bottle of wine.    As we sat in #toots in the dark with some battery tea lights flickering warmly against the beetle kill, I  once again felt so proud and accomplished.  MS was not going to make me stop pushing.  I knew I was going to be devastated the next day but that’s ok.  Strategies, I will study and rest.  Usually when I have overdone, I can’t think, I am so fatigued, that even simple task are difficult and I don’t want to talk as that is just to tough…so bed with my faithful travel companions.

Today was a rough day caused by yesterday, but with some newly fallen snow on Tootling Tranquility, she was looking so pretty outside my window, it was all comforting to be in bed for the day.  A good dinner with lots of spices and a ton of garlic to nourish my body, I hope that tomorrow will be a productive day. I will be sharing recipes and why I create the way I do in future post.

I got it done! A huge accomplishment.  I was proud. There is something about losing your abilities to keep the accomplishments in check how sweet they are! With keeping my stress at bay which helped not to call out the MS monster symptoms.  I brought our new home back for  us.  I did it!!!  This is now the start of our new journey.

I am grateful forever for this. And always grateful for my MS Warrior who reminds me to keep fighting for my dreams.  A sign he is for sure!



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