Out of our comfort zone

As I sit here on a Sunday morning listening to my pups quiet snores, I wonder if they are dreaming of our future adventures that are awaiting us in our new Tumbleweed Tiny House.  We have named her Tootling Tranquility.  Are my pups dreaming of swimming in a ocean they have never seen? Or perhaps in a land locked Colorado lake, where we are currently staying? Maybe the dreams are hiking in the high desert mountain air running into a Moose on the trail? Or maybe, they are dreaming of the majestic beauty of Alaska? Our journey all starts tomorrow,  when we hit the road to pick up our Tumbleweed Tiny House, who we have named Tootling Tranquility.   My mother passed 2 years ago. Tootling was a favorite activity  that we both loved.  In memory of my mom who also  passed on the great love and spirit of tootling to me, it seemed appropriate to name my new house Tootling Tranquility.

Meaning of Tootling:  go or travel in a leisurely way.

Miss you Mom but your spirit is here within me always!


We are a bit nervous and out of our comfort zone but we have really been this way for years now.  I have planned for this time for a year now. We Got this! I know we do!

Our new journey includes working on our website and blog (which is also out of my comfort zone).  We have a lot of learning to do.  Please join us on our journeys that will be filled with video’s and photos and detail our journey when we have internet to upload.

Thank you  for your love and support as we head out to inspire, support, and excitewp-image-1742824590 others in their journeys to be the best they can be

Peace and Love




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