Anxiety! I live with this every day working on my purpose on Disability $ Here is my update…on my progress this month…

In 2012 I vowed if I ever got my mobility and ability back I would spend the rest of my life in service to others helping. I DID and I AM now after completing a 1 year program to become A Certified Integrative Health Coach, then another 6 months in Gut Microbiome, and another 6 months on Writing and Publishing your book. I invested all I had as I believed in my purpose and took my vow very seriously. I don’t know where my future will lead me (I pray not progressing with MS) but I will never give up!

Would you love to breeze through the holidays without Weight Gain, Exhaustion, Stress and ANXIETY?

U WILL ACHIEVE ENERGY BOOST NATURALLY!  Who doesn’t want that right?
LESS Weight Gain….Well YEAH!  New Years Eve and that cute outfit is coming up!
Take more off my PLATE as far as TO DO’s!  AWESOME I am Stressed already!
First time?  We can do this!  Starting December 5th!  Lets GO!

What the heck is a health coach? How would I benefit by having one? What is so special in gut health. What does that have to do with Autoimmune? What the heck….

It took years for your health to decline so it does take time and commitment to reverse it back to health. My program is tailored to you and your changes.

 6 month programs are my specialty.   I love working intensely with my clients and helping them succeed.

CBD. Do you know all the amazing health benefits? Bode Wellness 1500 mg extract. Strong and amazing stuff people love!

With Chronic inflammation, lack of sleep, stress, autoimmune diseases on the rise, I am now adding a new dimension to my Health & Wellness Coaching practice Katrina Anne Toucke LLC.  

I am so thrilled to be able to share discounts with my clients currently in my programs for More Savings but also to others that just are interested in this amazing product.

A new testimonial just in….I am honored THANK YOU!

I would highly recommend that if you have health issues, you need to speak with her.
I have MS and I know how she has changed her life with MS and she inspires me each time we talk and text.
She is willing to coach and teach the facts on how we can changes how we feel and what we eat.
Please consider asking her for a free consult. I promise you will be grateful you did. A great women, Coach and cares so much.

Betty Letourneau from CT and happy I found her. You will be to.

YES! I isolate myself. Its easier! Now go away and stop asking me (flash back and memories for me back in the day…)

Henry was chasing snow balls while Tucker watched.  I was still very challenged after my disabling relapse of MS in 2011.  This was a very cold day, approximately 2015,  but the snow kept me walking with the cold temperatures and the air that felt so invigorating! I felt amazing being cold. 

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